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The quality of products, the original recipes and our Peruvian native culinary staff make the difference in our cuisine.
Inkanto ranked the best Ceviche in town by Top10 Sarasota, and one of the best seafood restaurants to dine by Writer specialist/Foodie of Sarasota Jack Litman-Quinn.
Make your reservations online any time, day or night! Inkanto restaurant looks forward to serving you the best authentic peruvian food experience.
A Brief Story of Inkanto
In just a few short years, Inkanto has brought its "Charm of the Inkas" style to provide the most authentic Peruvian cuisine in Sarasota. The eatery's popularity starts back in the kitchen, where the quality of ingredients is front and center, the foundation for building upon the original recipes crafted by Inkanto's Peruvian-native culinary staff. It's a great combination of heritage and talent that makes the difference in the cuisine patrons find here. The breezy and colorful space is a delightful backdrop for noshing on Inkanto's delectable fare, whether you pick the Lomo Saltado (flambeed dices of beef steak sauteed with onions, tomatoes, and peppers) or the Arroz con Mariscos (mixed of rice with seafood in a Spanish paella style) or the Ceviche Mixto (delicate fish topped with seafood, and onions marinated in aromatic lime juice and aji limo pepper). There's plenty to choose from here, and much of it has been roundly praised and lauded for being some of the finest foods around. Inkanto ranked as one of the best seafood restaurants to dine at. This place was also a finalist for the Readers Choice 2012-2013 Best New Restaurant in Sarasota...so give it a try today to find out first-hand why Inkanto has taken its place among the best local dining destinations.
Clients reviews
Lori E
Lori E
We had ceviche mixto and it was fresh, delicious and plenty for 2. The owner takes pride in his place and you feel the effort in all aspects, service, cleanliness and of course wonderful dishes.
Demond Will Rush
Demond Will Rush
The quality and freshness of the food was very high. There were many foods I have never experienced; particularly the varieties of corn.
James W
James W
Peruvian cuisine is gone international. I live part of my year in Peru and consider myself very savvy in all aspects of Peruvian food and super foods.

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